Auslan at TAFE

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Introducing Craig (Your Teacher)

Hi Everyone, thought this would be a good way to introduce Auslan concepts so for those students in my class who can't get to class becasue the cat died, the car broke down, the train crash, you are recovering and so on. These things do happen.

The sign for Difficult and the sign for Remember. These are two examples of what I can do to this site... I intend to design this so that students who can not come to class can still access some work so that when they come back, it wont be too much.

Familiarity to signs and understanding the purpose is important. So I propose that we work together to make this a reality. The only problem is that this will have to be in our external time... meaning, its not within my work. However, this would be a great tool in teaching Deaf Studies, Deaf Community and Culture, Deaf History etc. Hmmmmm


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